Below are some of my featured media appearances.

I am available to speak to the press and to podcast hosts about how to deliver a more confident and compelling presentation or interview. I explain my “inside-out” approach to communication coaching and offer tips on how to overcome fear of public speaking and express your thoughts more clearly and directly, whether it’s to reporters, in the workplace, or in your personal life. 

For media inquiries, please contact Sarah Weinstein-Dennison at  

Hannah Judson Live with Tracey Pepper

A deep dive into my career journey with songwriter Hannah Judson. Learn more about my untraditional media coaching method and why I’m passionate about helping people tell their story.

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The Green Room Talks with Olivia O’Brien and Tracey Pepper

An in-depth conversation with Grammy-nominated songwriter Jenna Andrews and artist Olivia O’Brien discussing mental health and the struggles women face in the music industry.

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