In addition to my writing and editing services, I also offer media training — a tool that instills confidence and empowers people in the public eye to feel more comfortable talking to the press. During these sessions, I teach clients how to most effectively express themselves to the media by finding ways to tell their story in their own words. I help them to create and deliver the message they feel best represents who they are and how they wish to project themselves to the public.

Clients are also taught what the media is looking for and how to deliver it, and how to tailor their answers to accommodate various radio, print, TV, and Internet outlets. I put clients through a series of mock interviews, both on-camera and off, in which we address the typical questions they can expect to be asked and what an appropriate response might be. We then watch the video playback together to analyze it and refine their performance. The result is a confident client who feels comfortable handling any type of interview situation, whether it’s a red-carpet event, an endless day of radio interviews, a snarky blogger, a nosy Rolling Stone reporter, or a sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres.

Clients include Warner Bros. Records, RCA Music Group, Interscope Records, Epic Records, Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, Rogers & Cowan, 42West, and ID PR. Session length can be tailored to accommodate time constraints. Please email me at for rates and scheduling.