Communication Coaching

If you are reading this, you are likely a successful executive and leader with valuable knowledge in your industry. Perhaps you are totally comfortable sharing your expertise when speaking one-on-one or to small groups at your workplace, but what has always been elusive is being comfortable speaking to a larger audience.  

Perhaps that apprehension has held you back from broadening your reach and having greater influence. Have you turned down valuable opportunities to speak at conferences or on panels, or participate in media interviews because of it?  

You are not alone. Many celebrities, CEOs, and entrepreneurs share this struggle. I know because they are my clients — individuals who are wonderfully articulate and engaging in normal conversation, but who get anxious when the pressure is on and all eyes are upon them.  

If you are interested in exploring where this comes from and leaving it behind, read on. I have helped hundreds of high-profile individuals not only overcome their jitters, but also sharpen their message and deliver it with confidence and enjoyment.   

To do this, I use the many tools I’ve acquired in the course of my career as a journalist, magazine editor, media coach, and certified life coach. I also draw on my own experience as someone who once shied away from public speaking but now says yes to any opportunity to do it, even when it scares the crap out of me.  

You could hire a traditional public-speaking coach. There are thousands of them. My clients have gone that route and heard the same tired tips. “Use your hands more.” “Picture the audience naked.” (What??) These trainers are often about short-term solutions. “How do we get the client through this one engagement?”  

Until you look at why you feel this way and where the anxiety comes from, you will stay stuck.  

I am committed to creating full-on transformation in my clients. I want to help you change your entire relationship with public speaking — to feel the joy that comes from sharing your voice and your passion and inspiring others with your story and message.  

Confident communication is not just for people in public-facing roles. It can help in everyday workplace interactions as well, whether you’re a department head or a start-up founder who needs to inspire their team to reach greater heights. 

Many of my clients say they feel safe to explore their feelings around public-speaking by working with me. (Read testimonials here.) After all, it is such a vulnerable endeavor. If this is something that’s plagued you most of your life and the usual tips haven’t worked, I encourage you to contact me here.